Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home Invasion Suspense Thriller

First a remake of 'Funny Games', now this entry in the budding Home Invasion Imprisonment Torture Suspense Thriller sub-genre. 'The Strangers', however, is 'inspired by true events', while 'Funny Games' is inspired by pure imagination. I wonder which is better. I hope this genre does a fast fade -- it's just torture-porn transplanted from the dungeon to your own living room. That being said, I'll get a copy of 'Funny Games', and both movies will probably find an audience -- but it will be about which opens first, as interest in this niche genre will fade fast.

One can't help but wonder what venue for torture-porn will be chosen after the home invasion thing has run its course. Let's see...there's cruise ships, golf courses, night clubs -- anyplace will do as long as you have a supply of victims...I suppose. Rock concerts, bowling alleys, burger joints, et al. They'll figure something out. Just don't pick movie theaters. If people get it into their minds that going to the movies has become a frightening thing because of something they saw in a movie, well, that won't be good for the movie industry.

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