Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poster for 'Another Earth'

Isn't it damned convenient to have a duplicate planet earth? Doesn't that make existential examinations just that much easier to load up with passion and heartbreak? That much harder hitting? That much more emotional? But, why stop at two? Why not three or four? If two planets that are exactly the same sets the stage for a tear-jerking thought-provoking story, then having your protagonist deal the implications of three or four planet earths would peg the dramatic scale.

I don't know. You'll kindly excuse my sarcasm but, it seems like you could make up a story without a crazy crutch from left field.

Trailer plays well, if you can handle the oh so dramatic visuals of another Earth hanging in the sky above (our) Earth. My cynicism might be misplaced. The movie might be a punch in the gut. On the other hand, it could come off as a self-serving maudlin exercise (though a very well acted one I'm sure).

The thing is, with another earth hanging in the sky, possibly populated by people who are duplicates of us, it's just so manipulative. Our arms are practically twisted. We have to find the story moving. If we don't we (clearly) lack a sense of the cosmic.

On the flip side, if the writing/directing is handled well, an audience may love the manipulation. Really, it's why we go to the movies in the first place.

To digress: Wouldn't another planet the size of Earth, as close as it's depicted in the still above, cause massive tidal upheavals and coastal flooding that would kill millions (on both planets)? Just a literal-minded observation.

Maybe I'm wrong. I could be wrong. We need drama that shakes us to the core. Maybe 'Another Earth' will rise above. Look at 'Field of Dreams'. What a silly-ass idea that was. I saw it at the theater twice. Cried like a baby both times. Loved it.

We have enough schlock. Enough for any two planets of moviegoers. Hopefully, 'Another Earth' will dodge all the potholes of bullshit storytelling and deliver the goods. It's a fine line. Tough to do. If it succeeds it'll be great. People will sigh and cry and hold hands. If it fails, well, we know what it'll be.

Will find out soon enough.

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