Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could You Break Your Wife Out Of Prison? Would You?

Here's another poster, the third by my count, for 'The Next Three Days'. I like that Russell Crowe faces left when it's natural to place your central figure facing right. Adds tension. Muted color palette is a nice touch. Minimalist, works.

Kind of a throw back to graphics for 70s, or even 60s, thrillers.

I still prefer the first poster, though:

In which he faces right, but the composite image made up of pix of various locations where his character might hide adds zip. (Again, sort of a 70s approach). An improvement over the second poster:

In which he faces left, adding tension, but the sunglasses dilute any power this image has. (Never cover your star's eyes). The fact that the title lettering partially cover his face doesn't help, either. Bleached white-hot background doesn't mean anything thematically and is contrary to the muted colors the movie has scene to scene.

I think they should combine the composite photo motif with the 'run-away to catch a bus' element.

Also think a more on-the-nose tagline is called for here: 'Could you break your wife out of prison?' The 72 hours to save everything bit doesn't have much bite.

Well, could you? Would you?

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