Friday, September 17, 2010

'The Town'

Jeannette Catsoulis starts her review of Ben Affleck's latest:

The trick to enjoying The Town, Ben Affleck’s follow-up to his impressive 2007 directing debut, Gone, Baby, Gone, is to expect nothing but pulpy entertainment. A tightly constructed package containing three armed robberies, two hair-raising car chases and one magnificently unlikely romance, the movie coasts on atmosphere, accents and unlimited aggression. Harnessed to a narrative that’s only marginally more plausible than Pete Postlethwaite playing a romantic lead, the movie’s characters follow fates that permit no surprises.

But while their destinations are plainly telegraphed, their journeys remain engaging, mostly because Affleck is an efficient choreographer of movement and a knowing wrangler of actors.

Nice. Looking forward to 'The Town'.

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