Monday, October 27, 2008

Nick Fury In Iron Man 2

It's surprising that anybody could have thought Sam Jackson's appearance in 'Iron Man' was a..."cameo"?... Please. Makes no sense. This from the write up that's been in the Canadian press:

The actor confirms he's already received word the eye-patch-wearing operative will have a more significant role in the sequel, due in May 2010. "I saw (director) Jon Favreau last night. He walked up and said, 'Hey, I hope you're making your deal.' "

Of course. Duh.


Robert Cass said...

And then Jackson said, "Only if you replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle." Done and done!

If these "Avengers" movies happen, are Downey and Norton locked into them already? There must be wiggle room in their contracts.

Alan Green said...

that's funny. sam jackson does carry a lot of clout, huh. i'm scared

you got me on the 'avengers' movies. no clue who they even are. didn't read comics. does look like a whole new money maker, though. i can imagine 3 or 4 spin-off franchises from 'iron man'. serious $$$$$$$

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