Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wanted: First 7 Minutes

When I saw the first trailer for 'Wanted' it looked like just another action hack-attack. I wasn't interested -- I mean...being able to shoot a bullet in a thanks. The next trailer was even more implausible; protag was not only able to put English on a bullet, he could shoot the wings off flies (while they are in flight, no less). The thing about this trailer, though, it was better. 'Wanted' was shaping up to be worth a look.

Now the first 7 minutes of 'Wanted' are available and this picture is looking pretty good. The writing here elevates 'Wanted' from the hodgepodge of action pics that are unloaded before us and sorted through every summer. It may be implausible at first blush, but it's smart between the lines. 'Wanted' is on my must-see list. This is 'allegory-action' -- probably the only one we'll have unloaded before us for a long time to come.

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