Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taking Offense

Photo: Wanted, Angelina Jolie

Glenn Kenny is a bit put off by being referred to as 'ordinary and pathetic' by the character played by James McAvoy in 'Wanted'. Isn't that a bit oversensitive? I mean, really -- this guy, McAvoy's character, goes from being a cubicle schlub to shooting guns, driving fast cars, learning he can curve bullets because of some genetic trait his father passed to him, and, (let's not forget) kissing a character that happens to be played by Angelina Jolie. That ain't bad.

I think the fact is most people feel pretty ordinary and more than a bit pathetic, at least from time to time, driving a desk through decades of their lives. That's why movies like 'Wanted' make tons of money. We love to see someone break out, even if (or especially if), it's in an over-the-top fantasy (allegory) action movie. McAvoy's character sees himself as a total loser in the beginning of the movie. By the end of the movie he has become something, anything, other than a desk-jockey. Why not cut him some slack and allow him to call us ordinary and pathetic. Don't most people refer to themselves, from time to time, in just such a manner? The people I know do. I sure as hell do.

However, I see Kenny's point about Hayden Christensen saying "I wasn't always like this. Once, I was a normal person. A chump, just like you." in the beginning of 'Jumper'. I'm sorry, but Christensen's acting just doesn't give him the right to say that, even in character. But, Wesley Gibson, played by James McAvoy, saying such a thing in 'Wanted' -- I can live with that.

Photo: Wanted, James McAvoy in office hell

I mean, look at that poor fucker -- before...

Photo: Wanted, James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie

...and after. More power to him. (Even if he's just a fictional character in a fantasy [allegory] action movie). I believe most people would take a deal like Wesley's (although it would have to be tailored a bit to fit reality). They'd take such a deal in a second. It ain't allegorical for nothing. I think Wesley has earned the right. What did he call me? 'Ordinary and pathetic'? I can live with that -- if I chose to, that is.

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