Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sex And The Somewhat Crabby Yet Observant And Funny Columnist

Sex and the City

I don't plan on seeing 'Sex and the City' but I know it'll be a hit. Women are going on about this picture. They can't wait to see it. Ned Zeman over at Vanity Fair has a few choice comments:

...every time I turn on a TV, I'm bombarded by that god-awful theme music, plus the latest snippet of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or Charlotte trying to look as if she's not trying to look 30.

It's no revelation that women have always been as funny or funnier than men. The problem with Sex and the City is that it validates the long-held argument that they are not--and that the range of both their humor and their interests is limited to the distance between strapless shoes and strap-on vibrators.

About Carrie's love interest:

The woman who marries a guy like that hates herself, secretly desires to be Page Six fodder, and pretty much counts the days before he bangs one of her best friends.

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