Monday, May 26, 2008

Give It A Break

Everybody loves to trash the new Pacino/De Niro collaboration, 'Righteous Kill'. I hate the title, that's a given. And I'll admit it, after viewing the trailer the first time I thought it was pretty much 'been there done that'. I don't know why -- sarcasm I guess.

On subsequent viewings I've gotten over the novelty of Al and Bobby working together (and my knee-jerk feeling this pairing was the only thing the producers could come up with to add appeal to what I assumed was just another superficial script). ...Wait...cynicism. That's the word I was looking for. Not sarcasm, cynicism. There you go.

After seeing the (new) trailer a couple times (earlier versions just didn't click) I'm liking this picture. Al and Bobby look engaged with the material and at home in the genre. They're not trying to reinvent themselves. There's no hard sell, just a cop movie. I'm thinking the boys may have a good movie here. I still hate the title though, don't get me wrong. 'Righteous Kill' is just too 80s. You expect Steven Seagal to jump out any minute and put a wrist lock on somebody. 'Righteous' just shouldn't be in a title.

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