Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Looks

Stop Loss

Ryan Phillippe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a movie about soldiers being sent back to Iraq for a second tour instead of coming home.

Things We Lost In The FireThings We Lost in the Fire

Yahoo has several clips totalling about ten minutes. They all strike exactly the right tone but seem too measured with a self-conscious, almost forced, sincerity. This movie was carefully assembled to be an awards contender.

Here's the new trailer for 'I'm Not There'. The snippets are beautifully crafted but seem hollow. The subject is someone, well, few under age fifty really feel a connection to. Cate Blanchett is totally involved, which makes this a must-see on DVD, but only if you're so inclined.

I just don't see these two movies connecting with an audience.

Explicit Torture From Saw IV

Here's a new clip. Not funny, sick, and well put together.

Clip From 30 Days Of Night

Funny, sick, and well put together.

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