Monday, December 18, 2006

Bring Me A One-Legged Woman, A Lumberjack, And A Monkey By 3:15

Inland Empire, Laura Dern, David LynchOkay, now that you're in the mood for something weird, let's talk about David Lynch's new movie "Inland Empire".

NPR has a piece on the upcoming digital experimental movie by the Auteur of Weirdness. If you think "Blue Velvet" was a bit out there, by all accounts "Inland Empire" is dreamscape by comparison.

Even by itself the still of Laura Dern is pretty dang creepy. Lynch fan Matt Forsyth says of the new movie, " far as, like, what actually happened in it I...I really don't know. You know?" Something tells me he speaks for everyone who will see this movie.

Coming in at 3 hours this picture promises to be a challenge both for comprehension and endurance. To see what 'A one-legged woman, a lumberjack, and a monkey by 3:15' means, listen to the NPR story (7 min.) at Weekend Edition Sunday.

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