Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Estevez On Writing "Bobby"

Emilio Estevez, Christian Slater, Heather Graham, BobbyTalk of the Nation has a compelling interview with Emilio Estevez, writer and director of "Bobby":

Emilio Estevez was 6 years old when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, just old enough for the shattering tragedy to leave a lastingimpression.

His father, the actor Martin Sheen was a Kennedy supporter.He brought his young son to the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was shot.

Now Estevez has made a movie based on the Kennedy assassination. Through a series of vignettes, set at the Ambassador,the film recreates the day leading up to the assassination.

Thecharacters live out their lives and personal dramas unaware of the terrible history that is about to be made. Emilio Estevez wrote and directed the film which features an ensemble cast of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Estevez talks about his new film Bobby.

This interview starts rather typically but becomes something special as Estevez describes his fateful meeting with one of the people who was at the Ambassador Hotel the night Kennedy was shot. It's almost an unbelievable story -- and very nicely told. Worth a listen.

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