Monday, April 21, 2008

Apatovian Cuddly Raunch

Bob Mondello analyzes Judd Apatow's success, using the terms 'Apatovian' and 'Cuddly Raunch' to describe Apatow's work. Apatovian? The guy has a recognizable brand, to be sure, and I like the 'cuddly raunch' bit, but Apatovian sounds like an answer to a film school test question. I wouldn't go quite that far. Okay, okay...let's see -- Knocked Up is one of the most Apatovian movies I've ever seen. Told you -- it just doesn't work. It's too forced, just sits there. I vote for 'Juddesque'. That has a natural ring to it. I can live with Juddesque. Watch: Superbad is way more Juddesque than Talladega Nights could ever be. See, works. Juddesque. Be the first in your office to use it in conversation.

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