Monday, January 07, 2008

Truth vs. The Stuff You Really Want To Hear

Sculpture by James Muir

Nikke Finke recently said there was a secret coalition of A-list writers being formed in order to force the WGA to accept whatever deal the DGA makes with AMPTP.

Craig Mazin, writer of Superhero!, Scary Movie 3 and 4, former member of the WGA board of directors, and shopkeeper over at The Artful Writer, says this 'story' is based on a hoax, or a lie, I suppose, however you want to look at it. I tend to believe Mazin -- Finke posted her jingle jangle story on the 3rd, it's now the 7th and her site is the only place where there is mention of such a secret cabal of top-drawer writers leveraging control of the WGA.

I've heard that Nikke Finke's credibility can drag the ground from time to time, but she leads the industry in breaking stories so much that reading DHD is de rigueur. According to Finke her site is so busy she is having trouble accessing it in order to update the material.

I don't really blame her -- it's not like she's a reporter for NYT (if she was there'd be a free desk over at NYT). Nikke serves it up hot, and fast, and can't be faulted if she botches a dish now and then -- her audience slurps it up quick, and forgets just as quick. If a story turns out to be totally unfounded it doesn't matter because the next day brings a bevy of new Finke stories -- some of which are true, some speculation, some based on anonymous emails... Her volume saves her -- she posts so much juicy stuff and keeps her batting average just high enough, we let her slide.

Really, though. A coalition of A-list writers who are planning to force the WGA to...wait a minute. I thought Mazin was the writer of fanciful fiction and Finke was the reporter. For the truth you might try NYT, but Finke is better for a quick fix of the stuff you really want to hear -- even if it's so mindbendingly silly you...what difference does it make. We'll forget by tomorrow anyway. By that time there'll be a whole new slew of internet folly to read.

(Photo of 'Truth'. Sculpture by James Muir)

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