Monday, June 18, 2007

Breaking In

So. I'm reading an article by Sharon Waxman in the NYT about David Maisel, the chairman of Marvel Studios. What impresses me is not that the guy has the power to green-light mega-budget movies, not that he seized control of the entire 'script to release' process so that his studio could keep 100 percent of the profit, but that he broke into Hollywood from the outside (Boston) with a cold-call letter to Michael Ovitz asking for a gig at CAA. Ovitz liked Maisel's letter so much he granted him an interview -- Ovitz like Maisel so much he gave him a job.

That was in 1994. Now, only 13 years later Maisel is head honcho of a movie studio. Now, that's impressive. Who would have thought to write Ovitz a cold-call letter?

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